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Wholesale Electric Supply Company, Inc., was founded in 1947 in Texarkana, Texas by Amos McCulloch. Mr. Amos recognized the value of customer, employee, and vendor relationships; something that President Buddy McCulloch and his family continue to practice. The very best asset we bring to our customers is our employees.


We pride ourselves in hiring the best folks available in the industry within the markets we serve and providing them with a great atmosphere to work in. Whether you are a customer, employee, or vendor, we strive to create great, mutually beneficial relationships with each of you.

We are currently doing business in more than 60 branches across Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Tennessee. Servicing customers across the United States.  We take our mission seriously - providing our customers with the materials they need timely and accurate. We strive to provide the products, solutions, and services our customers need with an appreciative and pleasant attitude.  We will take all of your needs seriously, and still enjoy meeting the expectations of our customers.

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